Thursday, March 12, 2015

MHCET: Last Minute Tips

The MHCET marks the last major MBA exam of the 2014-15 season. With less than 48 hours to go, here are a few tips to help you optimize performance on test day. 

Before the exam

  • Do not practice or study the night before or the on the day of the exam. Keep you mind fresh and active to help you stay focused for 150 minutes.
  • Ensure you get a good night's sleep (at least 8 hours) before your exam. Lack of adequate sleep can render the mind significantly slower especially when speed is the key during the MHCET.
  • Reach the center well in time to avoid any nervous energy and stress creeping in. Stress can further reduce your performance in a time sensitive test such as the MHCET. Carry your Admit Card, Original Photo ID Proof and a pen. 
  • Get used to the MHCET format. If you have not given the free mock test, click here to take the free test and familiarize yourself with the pattern and type of questions. Click here to take the free mock MHCET. 
During the exam
  • Keep the difficult and time consuming questions for the end. Build confidence by attempting the easy ones first. The confidence will create a positive momentum for you to do well over the 150 minutes. 
  • Visual reasoning questions (there will possibly be 25-30 of them) should be ideally be kept for the last as these are typically more time consuming than the rest. There will be sufficient easy questions in the MHCET for you to locate and attempt during the first half of the test. However, if you have been solving it early and are comfortable with it, go ahead and use what works for you on these type of questions. 
  • Attempt all 200 questions. Remember there is no negative marking. Hence by following the two suggestions above, if you find yourself short on time, then you only have to take a guess on the difficult/time consuming ones and not the easy ones. 

Good luck with the MHCET!


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