Thursday, October 30, 2014

CMAT Sep 2014 Result Analysis & College Cut-Offs

The CMAT results were published today and the top score was 323 while the lowest score was -40. 43,212 students wrote the test which is a significant drop from the 60,000+ who registered in September last year. The result summary is shared below.
The disappointing news for CMAT test takers that came in last week was that JBIMS has decided not to use CMAT scores for admission this time around. Admission into JBIMS will use scores of only CAT & MH-CET. Click here to prepare for CMAT Feb 2015 | MHCET 2015

*The approximate cut-offs for a few colleges under CMAT is shared below. Please note that there are only rough guidelines and the actual cut-offs may vary and parameters for selection depend on various other factors as well. 

Click here to prepare for CMAT Feb 2015 | MHCET 2015 

College Name ~Percentile Cut-Off*
SIMSREE,  Mumbai 96
Goa Institute of Management,  Goa  94
Great lakes Institute of Management,  Chennai  94
K. J. SOMAIYA IMS&R,  Mumbai 94
Prin. L. N. Welingkar IMD&R,  Mumbai 94
XIME,  Bangalore 92
XISS,  Ranchi 92
IMT,  Nagpur 92
SIES College of Management Studies,  Navi Mumbai 92
IILM-GSM,  Greater Noida   92
N. L. Dalmia IMS&R,  Mumbai 90
PUMBA Department Of Management Sciences,  Pune  90
Prestige Institute of Management,  Indore  90
ITM,  Mumbai 90
Accurate Institute of Management & Technology , Greater Noida  90
MIT School of Business,  Pune   90
St. Xaviers College ,  88
IFIM Business School,  Bangalore  88
IFMR,  Chennai 88
Amrita School of Business,  Coimbatore   86
Gaur Hari Singhania Institute of Management & Research,  Kanpur   86
Alliance School of Business, Bangalore  86
Indus Business Academy, Bangalore  86
Institute of Health Management Research, Bangalore  86
Jaipuria Institute of Management,  Lucknow  86
MIT School of Business,  Pune  86
Sinhgad Institute,  Pune  86
MET Institute of Management,  Mumbai 86
IES Academy,  Mumbai 86
Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies ,  Harihar & Pune  86
PSG Institute of Management,  Coimbatore  86
ISB&M,  Pune 86
Indus Business Academy,  Bangalore  86
Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Management Studies and Research ,  86
JRE Group of Institutions,  Greater Noida  86
Acharya Institute of management & Sciences,  Bangalore  86
Jaipuria Institute of Management Studies,  Lucknow   86
Jaipuria Institute of Management Studies,  Noida   86
DoMS,  Durgapur 86
Chetna,  Mumbai 86
Jaipuria Institute of Management,  Ghaziabad  86
Balaji Institute of Management,  Pune 84
LLIM,  Mumbai 84
Acharya Business School,  Bangalore 84
ASM's Institute of International Business & Research,  Pune  84
Indira Global Business School ,  Pune  84
Jaipuria Institute of Management Studies,  Jaipur   84
IIF,  Noida  84
IMT,  Hyderabad 84
Asia Pacific Institute of Management,  New Delhi  84
Medi-Caps Institute of Techno-Management , Indore  82
Indira Institute of Management,  Pune  82
Christ College,  Bangalore 82
Amity University,  Noida 82
MET,  Mumbai 82
ISB&M,  Kolkata 82
BIMTECH,  Greater Noida 80
Nirma Institute of Management,  80
Acropolis Faculty of Management & Research,  Indore  80
Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Management ,  Pune  80
Indira School Of Business Studies ,  Pune  80
Jaipuria Insitute of Management,  Indore  80
NIILM,  Greater Noida 80
New Delhi Institute of Management,  80
Birla Institute of Technology,  Mesra  80
Doon Business School,  Dehradun  80
LBSIM,  Bareilly  80
Apeejay School of Management,  Delhi  78
Jaypee Business School,  Noida  76
AICAR Business School,  Karjat  76
Amrut Mody School of Business,  Ahmedabad 76
MITSOB,  Pune  76
Delhi School of Business,  New Delhi   76
ISBR,  Bangalore 76
Sharda University,  Greater Noida 74
Institute Of Management Studies,  Ghaziabad 72
Prin. L. N. Welingkar IMD&R,  Bangalore 72
ITM University ,  70
IMI,  Bhubaneswar 68
Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies,  Bangalore   68
SDMIMD,  Mysore 68
Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management,  Hyderabad 64
JIMS,  Delhi 62
SCMS,  Cochin 60
Thiagarajar School of Management,  Madurai 58
Regional College of Management,  Bhubaneshwar 56
VJIM,  Hyderabad 56
BULMIM,  New Delhi 54
Hyderabad Business School,  Hyderabad 54
KIAMS,   Harihar 52

Friday, October 17, 2014

How to Improve Mock Test Scores?


The answer is simple but rarely followed - Analysis. Remember, it is what you do between mock tests that will define your improvement.

Yet, what most of students do is take a mock test, view score & percentile, and move onto the next.  All this approach helps in, if at all anything, is to help you get used to the time & pressure. 


A few students asked us how to analyze, and here's how you can do so. While it may take you 3 minutes to read through this, it may save you several hours while analyzing.

Once you complete a mock test, click on the  button next to the corresponding mock test

1) View the questions you got Wrong: These are questions on which you spent a lot of time, yet got it wrong. Find where your concept or approach went wrong. Click on "Review Wrong" and this takes you through solutions of only the wrong attempts. You will not be shown any of the other questions (Correct or Un-attempted ones).

2) Attempt the Un-attempted ones: You can take an un-timed test of only the Un-attempted questions in the mock test. Click on "Review Unattempted" and this allows you to attempt all the ones left unanswered. Again, you will not be shown the other questions (Wrong and Correct ones) and can focus only on the un-attempted ones.

3) Review the Correct Attempts: Without spending too much time, quickly review the ones you got correct as well and check if there were better solutions or approaches to the one you adopted.

4) Take tests on your Weak Areas: Oliveboard's Adaptive Engine figures the top three areas that you need to work on the most based on your performance data and gives you lessons (to brush up concepts) and tests on those topics. After each mock test, find new lessons + tests on your weak areas by visiting the "Improve" section.

For analyzing your your exam taking strategies, click on  button next to the corresponding Mock Test.

5) Analyze Graphs: These are detailed reports on your time spent & accuracy section-wise, along with benchmarking reports on your score and percentile. Use these to better improve your time management and question selection within sections.

There maybe more than one can do and analyze it in different ways that suits one's preparation. But whatever logical option you choose as an analysis method, do not forget to spend time on analysis before your next mock test. Click here to login and start analyzing

Monday, October 13, 2014

NMAT 2014-15 | Last Minute Tips Before Exam

Many of these tips may appear basic but are vital as the NMAT is a speed based exam and small optimizations at your end can help you score 10-12 extra marks.