Saturday, January 10, 2015

MHCET vs CMAT - The Difference between the final two MBA Exams

The CMAT remains the last national MBA exam of the season for most students, but those looking for admission in Maharashtra colleges also have the newly (re)introduced MHCET as another option for MBA admission in the year 2015-16. While the CMAT had replaced the CET in 2012, the CET made a comeback in 2014 due to the DTE’s and the Maharashtra MBA college’s displeasure over thousands of seats not being filled through CMAT in 2013-14. While many of you in Maharashtra will be writing both exams, the table below lists the differences between the two exams. Only 15% of the seats in Maharashtra colleges will be filled through CMAT while 85% will be done through the MHCET.

One of the major colleges that was accepting CMAT - JBIMS -has stopped accepting CMAT scores for admission in 2015. There will be a massive decline in students appearing for CMAT due to JBIMS pulling out and MHCET might be the biggest beneficiary of that. Even KJ Somaiya which accepted CMAT scores will only accept the Sept 2014 CMAT scores and will not accept the CMAT Feb scores while it continues to accept the MHCET scores.

Pattern Differences: The single largest difference in the exam lies in the available time to complete the paper. The CET has twice the number of questions to be attempted in 30 minutes lesser time and without a General Knowledge section. Hence, the average time per question on CMAT will be more than 2 minutes per question (assuming 25 GK questions take less than 30 minutes), the CET will provide a user attempting all the questions an average of 45 seconds per question only.
Another challenge with the MHCET is that the tests will not be arranged by section with questions of verbal, quant and reasoning scattered across the paper. So it becomes harder to attempt only one section first and one may have to rely on the navigation features (Mark for review) of the online interface if one wants to attempt questions of only one section at a go.
Below, we have listed the main differences between the two exams.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Exam Dates for MHCET 2015

The  Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State has said that MHCET 2015 for MBA and MMS will be conducted on Saturday,14th March,2015 and Sunday, 15th March,2015 through an Online Exam.

The link to the PDF published on the DTE Maharashtra website also mentions that the MCA exam will be conducted on March 29, 2015.

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