Saturday, March 14, 2015

MHCET First Day Analysis

The MHCET began all over the country today and while the exam has always been easy, this was probably easier than the earlier versions as well. There were several glitches - technical & otherwise- the biggest being the exam having only 4 options when the brochure of MHCET as well as the instruction sheet handed out before the exam clearly mentioned 5 options (should not affect a candidate much though). 

The 200 question exam is not divided by section but an approximate break-up of questions is provided below. 

Logical Reasoning: 85
Quant & DI: 55
Verbal Ability: 60

Detailed Break-up:-

Cut-Offs:- (these are rough estimates only and do not use these as targets)

The paper was definitely quite easy with only a handful of questions that could be termed as moderate-difficult. The English section, especially, was very easy.
Given that and the increased competition with several serious candidates attempting this (for JBIMS), we expect the top score to be possibly even top 170 (if the errors are suitably accounted for). The top score last year was 158.

Percentile-Score (these are estimates only and do not use these as targets)

99.99%ile - 177

99%ile - 147
95%ile - 128
90%ile -  116

Glitches during the exam:

The DTE for some reason has moved to Sify as the exam provider while TCS conducted it last year. They probably changed the vendor very late in the cycle which possibly might have driven the delayed applications as well. The hurried nature of the having a new provider conducting the exam showed in the sub-optimal exam experience that most people encountered. There were several errors in the questions (if you find yourself facing one, just attempt it and move on. No point asking the invigilator as he does not know anything) .

Most visual reasoning images required large amounts of horizontal scrolling and many questions had some portion of the text cut-off (if you face this on 15th, use the "Question Paper" option that previews all questions and refer to the specific question).

The interface itself was poor and difficult to navigate. It takes 3 seconds to move from one question to the next. You are starting with 140 minutes!!
While we have not been big fans of the TCS interface, Sify made TCS's interface look like a work of art.
In our center, the exam start was delayed by more than 30 minutes with 3-4 students having to switch computers 5 minutes into the exam.
It is also unclear why the switch was made given TCS has had a great track record of conducting exams well.

All in all, we hope the DTE fixes the issues for 2016!


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